Chidi Collins Unveils His Powerful Worship Anthem “Ancient of Days”


Chidi Collins, a minister of gospel music, has had a strong love for music his entire life and has embarked on an astonishing musical adventure.

His love for singing and music ministry began at a young age, when he happily sang alongside his younger brother as their pastor preached in the marketplace.

At the age of 15, Chidi had a life-changing encounter with Christ and received the Holy Spirit, which set the stage for his uncompromising commitment to the gospel music ministry.

Throughout his journey, Chidi Collins has not only become a respected and sought-after music minister but also earned multiple music director and music pastor appointments.

His sold-out and non-compromising approach to music ministry has made him a mentor to many, using his platform and upcoming book to groom young music ministers and choral teams, helping them understand their divine mandate.

With a profound understanding of the essence of worship, Chidi Collins emphasizes that “Worship is not the song; Worship is a wholesome offering of oneself unto God.”

He believes that the impact of a gospel song lies in its profound lyrics and divine message, not solely in the beat. Thus, he is committed to delivering songs exactly as the Holy Spirit has given them, ensuring that the focus remains on drawing hearts closer to the Creator and inspiring a deeper relationship with God.

Chidi Collins has an impressive repertoire of gospel songs, including recent hits like “Ekele,” “Kabiyesi,” “Ezem,” “Yahweh,” and “Otito.” Each song serves as a testament to his dedication to worship and the profound message he aims to convey through his music.

Now, Chidi invites listeners to experience the presence of God through his new worship single, “Ancient of Days.” This powerful anthem is a heartfelt gift to the “Audience of One,” an invitation for all to imagine themselves standing in front of the Throne of Grace, microphone in hand, and serenading the King of Kings.

With “Ancient of Days,” Chidi Collins delivers a soul-stirring worship experience, inviting hearts to be touched and souls to be uplifted in the divine presence.

“Ancient of Days” act as an indication of Chidi’s enduring faith and commitment to sharing the message of praise and adoration as he continues to use his God-given musical abilities to minister and inspire.

“Ancient of Days” is a divine offering that transcends limitations and speaks to the listeners’ own souls. Listen below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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