Nigerian Afro-Pop Musician Infuses New Song With The Popular “Brother Bernard”


MoFizzay, a celebrated Nigerian musician known for his captivating Afro-pop sound, has returned with a brand-new song that is sure to make listeners around the world smile and giggle.

The song “Brother Bernard” is named after the internet hashtag #brotherbernerd, which is used to describe something funny or as a sarcastic way to greet friends.

MoFizzay wants to establish a connection with his listeners through this catchy song by allowing them to enjoy a common vernacular experience together


MoFizzay has gained a lot of recognition in his native Nigeria thanks to past hit singles like “Bena Bena” with Jaywillz and the “From Nsukka With Love” EP.

His music not only demonstrates his exceptional talent and range but also gives Afro-Indie culture a modern spin that appeals strongly to young people.

With the release of “Brother Bernard,” MoFizzay is now able to further solidify his position as a rising star in the Nigerian music industry. The song, which was made available through C.S.E. Records, is a celebration of friendship, humor, and the pleasure of seeing friends.

The song produces a contagious rhythm that will have listeners dancing and singing along since it is loaded with lively drumming, intriguing lyrics, and deep and hefty log drums.

MoFizzay seizes the chance to inject the internet movement #brotherbernerd into his music as it grows in popularity, giving his distinctive touch to the shifting cultural scene. By adopting this style, MoFizzay successfully engages his audience and unites them in a shared experience of humor and friendship.

“Brother Bernard” is more than simply another catchy song; it’s evidence of MoFizzay’s ability to feel the pulse of contemporary culture and incorporate it into his music, resulting in songs that touch listeners’ emotions.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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