El Remixes by Zahed Sultan features Pop Nostalgia, dance, and club influences


In an exciting musical venture, Zahed Sultan has unveiled “El Remixes,” a captivating collection of reimagined songs that offers a fresh perspective on his original creations.

Following a series of single releases, this collection showcases Zahed Sultan’s ability to  blend his signature Pop Nostalgia sound with dance and club elements, creating a captivating auditory journey for listeners.

One of the standout tracks from the collection is “Layl (Remix),” where the Arabic word for “night” serves as the title. This song delves into themes of love and loss, intertwining contemporary strings, ethereal vocals, and rhythmic dance patterns to craft a mesmerizing experience.

The fusion of these elements creates a unique ambiance that encapsulates the essence of the night and the emotions it evokes.

“Hindi Majnoon (Remix),” which translates to ‘Crazy Indian,’ is another entrancing addition to the collection. This track blends pulsating South Asian and Arab percussions with a grooving house rhythm.

The unexpected ending featuring uplifting melodies adds an element of surprise, taking listeners on a sonic journey that’s both immersive and captivating.

The collection is completed by “Dalal (Remix),” named after the Arabic term for fondness and passion. This track features a captivating piano motif that’s elegantly complemented by lush orchestral strings and an infectious dance beat.

The combination of these elements results in a composition that’s both emotionally resonant and irresistibly danceable.

As an artist of Kuwaiti-Indian heritage, Zahed Sultan’s diverse background and creative prowess shine through in every aspect of “El Remixes.” His ability to seamlessly merge cultural influences and musical genres underscores his unique approach to music.

Zahed’s crossover sound is a testament to his innovative spirit and his desire to continually push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Beyond his musical talents, Zahed Sultan’s multidisciplinary artistic journey spans various mediums, from filmmaking to social entrepreneurship.

His dedication to addressing important societal issues through his work reflects his commitment to using art as a means of sparking meaningful conversations and driving positive change.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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