Hevi Levi offers us “Back Room,” a 7:01-minute piece of catchy and danceable instrumentation


The Israeli producer HEVI LEVI is back with another diverse and rhythmic melodic-techno track called ‘Back Room.’

This 7:01 instrumentation got me smiling; the minute play is even amazing. I was like, “Wow, only beats throughout?” because I was waiting to hear some singing in the first 30 seconds to 1 minute, but I did not hear anything as such, but around 1:30 Levi added a catchy vocal sample saying, “Everybody is moving to the back room, and everybody is waiting for the song to rise.” It was repeated around 3:49 seconds too.

Levi Performing Live at a Concert

“Back Room” has a unique bassline that grooves perfectly. You know basslines make songs more hitting and energetic, and they do that right in this song. The music has a strong and steady beat that makes you want to dance. There are different sounds, like a voice that’s easy to like and sharp notes that sound like acid music. In the middle of the song, there are powerful house chords that build up to an exciting electronic part. Then, there’s a break, and Hevi Levi brings back the energetic beat and a new synth melody that feels like it’s reaching out to the universe. It’s a moment when the music makes you feel something deep inside.

In “Back Room,” I felt the influence of contemporary music that has a hypnotic¬† quality with a distinctive bass that gives it a groovy feel. The congas provide a steady, rolling foundation for the rhythm. Though instrumentation dominates the song, Levi tells a story. He captured a moment at a club where everyone is waiting for music to groove to.

Hevi Levi delivers a steady, danceable beat with a kick drum hit on every downbeat, creating a consistent and energetic rhythm.

Enjoy Below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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