Vision Presents A Musical Ode to Eternal Love and Commitment Called “Undefiled This Bed”


Vision presents a soul-stirring tribute to the enduring strength of love and unwavering commitment with his track “Undefiled This Bed.” This heartfelt composition delves into the profound beauty of a union founded on trust and unbreakable fidelity, creating a timeless narrative of love’s resilience.

Set against the backdrop of an emotional journey marked by deep dedication, “Undefiled This Bed” weaves a soulful narrative that resonates with the purity and sanctity of a divine connection. Through poignant lyrics and evocative melodies, the song serves as an ode to the timeless nature of a relationship watched over by the Almighty.

The composition explores the emotions defining an unshakable bond, illustrating two hearts embarking on a journey filled with unwavering dedication. The commitment portrayed is so strong that it remains unblemished and pure, illuminated by the divine light of unity and love.

The melody intricately weaves words and harmonies that speak volumes, with lyrics like “Let’s move forward, to the moment I place the ring on your finger, kissing your sugar lips, I can’t wait for what comes later.” The singer’s delivery, akin to smoothing sandpaper, adds a layer of intimacy to the narrative. This lyrical canvas paints the essence of commitment, akin to a wedding cake in musical form.

With its emotional depth, this composition emerges as not only a great wedding or anniversary song but also a poignant soundtrack for moments of intimate connection and love.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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