Emily Nicole Green Releases Emotionally Charged Single “Wreckage”


NYC-based singer-songwriter, Emily Nicole Green, is here to captivate listeners with her second track, “Wreckage,”

With this latest offering, Green explores new sonic territories, infusing her Americana sound with elements of jazz and blues, creating a genre-bending musical experience that delves deep into the complexities of unrequited love.

In “Wreckage,” Emily Nicole Green fearlessly taps into the seething anger and biting shame that often follow the rejection of unreciprocated love.

Her emotionally charged lyrics and gritty, raw vocals offer the unfiltered fury of a woman scorned. Through her powerful performance, Green gives listeners permission to embrace and express the intense emotions that can arise from heartbreak, even if just for the song’s two minutes and thirty-two seconds.

The song serves as a moving anthem for anyone who has had to confront the sad reality that a love they had assumed was reciprocal was not. By putting these unprocessed feelings front and center, “Wreckage” creates a safe environment for listeners to confront and process their emotions, providing comfort to people who have felt betrayed and gaslit.

Emily Nicole Green’s musical composition in “Wreckage” seamlessly blends jazz and blues with elements of pop and Americana. Her vocal delivery ranges from sultry and smoky to powerful and brutal, metaphorically mirroring the feeling of being lost at sea with no sign of land.

The song takes the listener on a journey through the tumultuous waters of unexpected heartache, evoking the sensation of being blindsided by a new reality that was entirely unforeseen.

With her clever and biting wit, Green masterfully crafts lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners. Lines such as “It must have all been in my head, all those nights of candid conversations, boundaries breaking left and right ’til 3 am were never laced with romantic intonations, hey, that’s just how you talk to friends” perfectly encapsulate the emotional whirlwind that unrequited love can bring.

With this intense track, Green is poised to leave a long-lasting impression on the music industry thanks to her soul-baring voice and open narrative.

Listen on Spotify below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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