Komla MC’s “Save Yourself” elevates UK Drill to new heights


An emerging star on the international music scene, Komla MC is advancing UK Drill in intriguing new areas and enthralling a bigger audience in the process. With his most recent song, “Save Yourself,” he displays his distinctive Ghanaian flow, laced with Pidgin dialect, creating a captivating fusion of melodies with African Gospel roots and social criticism. Komla MC makes a welcome change in a genre that is sometimes linked with violence by choosing lighthearted fight raps and emotionally resonant lyrics.

A potent message of independence and strength is at the core of “Save Yourself.” Notwithstanding the difficult circumstances we are in, Komla MC exhorts listeners to take charge of their lives and emphasizes the significance of choosing one’s own way to redemption.

He inspires people to stand up and face life’s hardships with resolve and perseverance via his fascinating lyrics and delivery.

It is noteworthy that “Save Yourself” deviates from typical UK Drill instrumentation rules by integrating eerie Cor Anglais noises, a possibly game-changing addition to the genre. The song exemplifies Komla MC’s artistic approach to music-making when paired with more natural drum arrangements.

The previous single from the Ghanaian musician, “2 By 2,” was quite successful and included on the editorial Spotify playlists for Asakaa and New Music Friday Ghana in March. The song was also featured on Awesome Radio’s main playlist and stayed on the station’s charts for a whole month. The song received appreciation from music websites like Blatantly Blunt, Aipate, and Djolo as well, enhancing Komla MC’s reputation as emerging artist to watch.

Following a brief absence from the live music industry, Komla MC is ready to play once more. On July 26th, he is slated to support Fold and Oakley Riot at the prestigious Leeds venue, The Old Woollen. Audiences can anticipate a spectacular performance that will highlight his extraordinary talent and charisma. Also, “Save Yourself” will soon have a music video, which promises to be an eye-catching complement to the powerful song.

Komla MC stands out in the UK Drill scene thanks to his distinctive fusion of comedy, morality, and musical inventiveness. In “Save Yourself,” he further establishes his status as an artist on the rise, enthralling listeners across the world with his sincere and soulful style.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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