Energy Whores presents “Mach9ne” exploring AI’s social impact and interaction with society


In a cutting edge fusion of technology and art, Energy Whores presents “Mach9ne,” a piece that dissects the social implications of artificial intelligence with a view of AI-society interaction. Through, Energy Whores reveals the complex field of AI’s implications for society, and pays a special attention to the fears connected with using technology for villain’s ends.

Taking cues from leaders like Sam Altman, Yasha Benjio, Triston Howard and Elon Musk, Energy Whores focus on exposition on AI doomsday narrative, reminding people not to trade ethics over economic gains.

Energy Whores

“Mach9ne” commences by dropping in a synthpop beat that recalls 80s disco music onstage and gives the bewildered listener an idea of traveling across space and time. A building synthscape engulfs the atmosphere with the bass line constructing a grounding ambience and the vocals being intentionally robotic bringing to light the AI protagonist’s detachment. From time to time, as the track develops, the hypnotic screams and the sound effects give the atmospheric intensity more depth, making the listeners feel like they are in the narrative.

In the lyrics of “Mach9ne”, the character is an AI, sung from the AI’s point of view with an extensive use of words “I” to illustrate the AI’s independence from a human operator. This song is a wake-up call that tells about alienation, robotization, and the AI’s progress that is too fast, therefore we need to take ethical aspects of its application into account.

The swirling music notes that dance on the speakers lead the imagination, making it possible for the listener to view every sound as being a part of a well-orchestrated symphony. The pulsing beats of the EDM drum rhythm paired with the ethereal synth melodies of “Mach9ne” really work that captivating audio canvas.

With such issues as AI and technologies disturbing the society, “Mach9ne” is a good tool for reflecting on the human interface with artificial intelligence as emergent technologies are considered in a broader context.

Enjoy below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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