Ian Onis’ “The Right Choice” lingers with deep themes of love, resonating beyond the music


The song “The Right Choice” which is the latest from Ian Onis is the kind of tune that will keep playing in your head even after the music is turned off, thanks to its deep themes of love, gentleness and awe that brilliant blend in with the light drums and the bass grooves reminiscent of 90s music. The song takes a leaf from artists like Everything But the Girl, Faithless, and LTJ Bukem, as well as film flicks such as Heat and 25th Hour, to create a gripping story thread relayed by a man who finds it difficult to express his emotions.

Through the song’s lyrics, “The Right Choice” depicts glances captivated by love, as well as the emotional lifting brought to life when you are with a cherished companion. Ian Onis sets the tone in delivering a special shading of his baritone voice to paint the whole song. In spite of the distorted instrumentation and the fast-paced feature, with Ian’s vocals put together this way one can clearly comprehend the florescence of a lyrical dimension that will lead to an emotional experience.

The distinct instrumental in “The Right Choice” consists of an intense pulse, which is accompanied by a rapid rhythm that makes one tempt to dance along. Quite blandly, the drums and chords roll out smoothly, providing the great opportunity for the Ian’s vocals to show higher than the sky. The mixture of Ian’s delivery and instrumental effects is what makes the entire track stand out from the others.

When “The Right Choice” plays, you don’t only feel the tenderness and wonder swaying through each moment, you also feels yourself navigate through the depths of your soul. All the dreams of the life that will be full of love and shared experiences are ingrained with the lyrics, and this invites the listeners into the world of the music with their sensations passed on.

On the one hand, the symbols and theme in “The Right Choice” are there to specify the appropriate decision to be made, but on the other hand, they remind us that, in the world where emotions are hard to express, music is a tool that helps to convey feelings words won’t be able to express. When it comes to the genre of music that is his heart’s choice, Ian Onis’ “The Right Choice” is a song that portrays love nostalgia and emotional depth. As such, the song is a testament of how strong the power of love is and how exquisite of an expression of such a feeling.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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