Franc O’cher Passionately Expresses His Love In New Song called “For Your Love”


Canadian musician, Franc O’cher expresses his love for the love of his life with great emotion in a new song titled “For Your Love.”

“For your love” will surely be an anthem for anyone who has known deep love and is prepared to give up things for their loved one; they will be able to relate to this emotional song.

As the title goes, Franc tells us what he will do sake of the love he has for his love.

“For Your Love” starts with calm and lovely acoustic melodies that create a relaxing vibe throughout the song and it creates a groundwork for Franc to pour his heart out, revealing the endless love he has for his lover and how he is ready to go above and beyond to do things to make her happy.

He continued to express the honest effort to accomplish great deeds, such as traveling a thousand miles, grabbing stars from the heavenly, and finding a way to get to the moon for her just to make her happy.

Franc created a romantic and dreamy atmosphere with the imagery of dancing under the moonlight and echoing voices through the stereo. In the chorus, Franc emphasizes his firm determination to overcome any obstacles to reach out to his lover.

The acoustic guitar serves as the main instrument in the song, offering its sweet tones to create lovely melodies that blend in perfectly with Franc’s expressive vocals.

The lyrics’ conciseness as well as clarity make it simple for listeners to relate to the intense feelings that were poured into the song.

“For Your Love” is about promising to overcome any problems or differences in the name of love. The song tells us that love has no limits and is ready to overcome any obstacle.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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