Hip-hop artist Danny Onionz delivers a brand-new, life-centered song titled “On the Daily” with Westside Boogie.


Hip-hop rapper Danny Onionz has released a solid hip-hop record featuring Westside Boogie, produced by Szur, titled “On the Daily” a chill, laid-back 90s-style hip-hop song that captivates the soul and transports the listener through a range of feelings that we all encounter on a daily basis, including happiness and despair, success and failure, hustle and success, and joy and sorrow.

According to Danny, the song was originally written as a passionate tribute to Mac Miller, who was also influenced by his song “Small Worlds.” “On the Daily” carries the torch of Miller’s thoughtful style of music. It also gives the leverage that even amidst the struggles of anxiety, depression, or whatever one may be going through in life, they are not alone and that everything will be ok.

After personally listening to the song, the honest lyrics and message in it made me reflect on my life as an individual and realize that, though bad things and uncertainties happen, whenever I stay true to myself and push harder, I come out of them. To me, that is some great motivation from the song.

Danny Onionz and Westside Boogie’s verses on the track are so brilliant, both lyrically and in terms of delivery. The flow, rhymes, and style are impeccable. The instrumentals also have a 90’s vibe that creates a uniqueness from the normal hip-hop songs a music listener will hear on the radio, TV, or in digital stores. The guitar, base, and drum progression are awesome, with some cool translations and breaks. Also, the production on the song is superb, as the beats and vocals have such good clarity that you hear the tones and words clearly with difficulty.

“On the Daily” is a great song for playlists because it has songs that give messages based on situations of human experience and different emotions and also remind the listener that ups and downs in life shape them into who they are. Whether you need a mood booster or a relatable chill track to vibe to, “ON THE DAILY” can be that song for you.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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