Norweign Based Electric High Band Releases Rock and Roll Track Called “Crooks”


Norwegian Electric High Band Presents their rock and roll-inclined single called “Crooks”  which is full of fun from my perspective, and you will love listening to it too especially if you like fast-paced rock songs that have a lot of energy.

The song’s lyrics are based on a true story from Vilnius, Lithuania when  Einride Torvik, a bass player for Electric High, got into a fight with a Russian man and decided to hang out together.

The Russian police arrested Einride, while his Russian friend escaped. Einride was accused of having ties to the Russian mafia, and while in jail, he lost his apartment key, which his friend had stolen. After being released, Einride returned to find his apartment robbed of all his possessions.

A photo of Eletric High Band Members

The song starts with a mix of sharp harmonica sounds, heavy marching footsteps, and people singing with their mouths closed. As the song progressed, two main vocalists came in and started singing together warning us that there are always people ready to take advantage of us wherever we go and therefore we should be careful and watch out for those crooks!

Despite the beginning of the song being somehow mild and come the song became more intense when all the main instrumentations came in. The guitar, bass, and drums hit hard, and you can hear people singing “ooh-ooh” in the background which added some energy and spice to the song. The production of the song is top-notch, despite the intenseness of the instrumentation, the vocals were still clear and easy to hear every word.

Stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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