Love Ghost Teams Up with Dj Switch and Camidoh for a Captivating Afrobeats and Alternative Rock Collaboration: “DopeMan”


Musician Love Ghost recruits Ghanaian sensations Dj Switch and Afrobeat star Camidoh on an Afrobeats and alternative rock-inspired track titled “DopeMan.”

The song carries a message about how one must stay focused in life towards the attainment of his or her life goals. Sometimes, we plan life in a certain way, and we expect those plans to come true. As Love Ghost sang in a line of the song, “Looking in the mirror, I really need you here.” These sentiments made me reflect on feeling or fantasizing sometimes about where I ought to be, either now or in the future.

DJ Switch And Love Ghost

“DopeMan” also elaborates on the reason to focus on your life and make a move each day you have life without slacking. Some lines from Camidoh’s verse have shed light on that perspective so many times. One of my favorites from the lines I recall from the Afrobeats star’s verse after listening to the song is “sometimes yeah, life can be somehow, and you know that no condition is permanent.” This message gives you the notion that you have to focus on what you need and want in life and work towards them because whatever happens to you on your journey will not last forever.

The song also has a standard production; the afrobeats and alternative rock styles fused together make the instrumental incredible. The running-through-style drum progression, the guitar riffs, and the base are awesome. The mixing and mastering are also undeniably perfect for a song like this with global music stars on.


Also, the vocal delivery on the song is exquisite; hence, it can not be ridiculed because of the vocal dexterity wielded by Love Ghost and the charming voice and sweet melodies from Camidoh complimenting it. Not leaving behind the EDM kind of vibe and crowd format that was added to the song by the incredible DJ Switch from the bridge to the conclusion of the song.

With the weight of talent packed into one song and the message it carries, “DopeMan” will continue to do better in the music space, and every music lover who needs something to motivate them in their lives needs to add “DopeMan” to their playlists as soon as possible.

Stream on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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