Patty Duffey, Releases Heartfelt Love Anthem “Love Across Isle” Ahead of Daughter’s Wedding


Music entrepreneur and executive Patty Duffey released a love anthem prior to her daughter’s marriage ceremony titled, “Love Across Isle.”

The song expresses the beauty about the unpredictability of love. Thus, how people find love at the least place or situation they expected it.

The inspiration behind the song is a true story about Patty’s daughter Bridget and how she met with the man of her like Jack on their separate journey’s they never expected to meet each other.
A love story that begun by the two: Jack and Bridget meet on a Delta flight 3473 where the two strangers made eye contact and could not stop looking at each other on an airplane aisle, never did they know that day will transcend from just being best friends into a beautiful happy ever after situation.

This love story tells that true love knows no bounds and that, love can be found in the most unexpected places. That is exactly the message “Love Across The Isle” carries.

Patty, in search of a perfect wedding gift for her daughter and husband, decided to put together their beautiful journey of love into “Love Across The Isle”.
It took over six months to put together this melodious song, inspired by the happenings of the pre-wedding events and titbits from Bridget’s dairy about their relationship journey. Also the song has harmonious vibe that reminds of Stephen Sanchez’s famous song, “Until I found you.”

Jack and Bridget

The song has an captivating instrumental blending the piano chords, cool drum line, precise transitions and breaks to make a soft, touching Pop track. I cannot over look the tireless work and efforts to the talents that brought this song to life. Indie artist Alexa Cabral’s a dedicated member of Patty’s “Performers on the Go” artist program for four years, performed a soulful voice with smooth vibrato runs with her vocals on the song. Alongside
the creative involvement of singer-songwriter Maximilian Wentz and the expert engineering of platinum producer Brad Young from BKY Studio.

Pratty vision is to see “Love Across the Isle” to captivate music listeners and serve as a perfect work of art to influence love stories.

Listen below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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