Review of THALERG’s “It All Happened So Fast” – A Timeless Journey Through Life’s Firsts


THALERG, who was born in Lyon, France, during the tail end of the 1960s, has had a lifetime love of music. THALERG’s musical path has been nothing short of varied and dynamic, with influences ranging from classical compositions to English pop superstars such as The Cure, U2, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, David Bowie, The Beatles, Queen, and American Motown.

“It All Happened So Fast” is his comeback to the music industry, a song that brilliantly captures the spirit of time’s inexorable passage and the weight of our “first times” in life. THALERG’s classical piano training since the age of nine is obvious in the song’s rich melodies and meticulous arrangements.

The song begins with a soul-pop combination, laying the foundation for a lyrical study of nostalgia and ephemeral experiences. The voice of THALERG, infused with thoughtfulness, softly accompanies us along the path of remembrance. The repeated phrase “It all happened so fast” is a heartbreaking reminder of how time blunts the sharp edges of our emotions, making even the most deep experiences seem distant recollections.

As the song progresses, it unexpectedly shifts to a more rock-infused sound, replete with strong guitars that heighten the emotional tension. The incorporation of many musical forms inside a single song demonstrates THALERG’s flexibility as an artist, flawlessly merging current components with classic undertones.

The inspiration for the song, based from old family pictures, asks listeners to reflect on their own “first times” and the passing of time. The ability of THALERG to portray complex emotions through simple but emotive words is very admirable. His cooperation with a superb Nigerian male singer lends a new dimension to the music, deepening and texturizing it.

THALERG has crafted a timeless piece of music in “It All Happened So Fast,” which transcends genres and connects with anybody who has ever pondered the ephemeral nature of life’s most precious moments. This song is a wonderful reminder of the beauty and fragility of our common human experience.

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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