Ten Walls, a Lithuanian artist, has released a new instrumental album titled “The Mountain King”


Lithuanian artist Ten Walls presents a new instrumental album titled ” The Mountain King.”

The album has 30 creative instrumentals, where he made every piece stand out by using different musical styles, such as electronic dance beats and intricate orchestral sounds and Ten Walls came up with this album because he wanted to highlight the fundamental nature of music with a capital “M” at its center. The songs on the album are made up of bright hi-hats and nice melodic patterns which gave the songs some lively feel which will make you want to move to the dance floor.

The first track on the album is titled “Northlands,” and it is made up of gentle synthesized percussion and a nice piano performance which establishes the record’s tone. The second track, “How I Feel” which is the continuation of of the first track is also made up of uplifting bass notes, flutes and rhythmic jazz drumming to create a dynamic atmosphere.

The next track is Zelda and in “Zelda,” the melodies become darker and more intense and It creates a mysterious atmosphere, like something hidden behind elegant musical patterns. Also some choirs were implemented in the background which also adds to the overall feel of the song.

“Others” begins with a more light sound but later turns into a darker sound as it transitions into a nightfall of deep bass notes and strong sounds. “The King,” “Cat vs. Dog,” and the version of “March of the Trolls” that was released in 2001 are examples of songs that have a strong and energizing mood that makes you want to dance. They also carry a suggestion of a future that is not particularly bright.

Over the course of the following section of the album, the record transitions from the soothing sounds of “Flower Duet” to the rapid beats of “Fall” and the captivating sequences of “Holly Morning.” During the transition from day to night, the energizing emotions of “Thriller” lead us to a serene and entrancing conclusion beneath a night sky shining with stars.
There are 30 songs on this album, and they play for more than two hours. Listening to them is like having a bright and interesting experience.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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