Stuart Rolfe’s New Song “How Lovin’ You Goes”: A Heartfelt Expression of Love for His Partner


We all have different ways we show love to our lovers and make them know we cherish them, United Kingdom artist Stuart Rolfe does it well in his newly released song titled “How Lovin’ You Goes.”

The song’s title says it all: “How Lovin’ You Goes” is a country love ballad in which Stuart Rolfe confesses his feelings for his sweetheart and how his love for her goes. For the first time, he has penned a country song that goes back to his influences from Nashville’s big arena sound in the 1990s and 2000s.

“How Lovin’ You Goes” is a sentimental song that evokes a sense of total emotion and personal allusions. Stuart was inspired to write this song while watching Faith Hill and Tim McGraw; observing Tim’s adoration for Faith and how much he loves her. He wrote the song based on his own feelings about his partner, revealing a softer side of his heart. “How Lovin’ You Goes” is a love song that expresses his emotions without holding back.

Stuart’s vocals are supported throughout by powerful electronic guitar chords and powerful drumming. The song has a beautiful vibe that will undoubtedly make you miss or love your lover more because of Stuart’s performance and the way the instruments were performed and mixed together. Stuart’s lyrics are really strong and memorable, and it’s clear that he sang from the heart.

The song was recorded by Tyler Spicer, who is incredibly talented. Tyler played all the instruments in the recording and brought everything together. Th outcome was what made Stuart fall in love with country music.

Though it’s a country song, a type of song with a lot of competition, what makes this one stand out is its simplicity. The music is straightforward, the arrangements are uncomplicated, and the lyrics are full of passion. It follows the idea that sometimes, having less in a song can be more impactful.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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