Ty Statz and Rachael Bawn Deliver an Infectious Summer Anthem with ‘Melody


Ty Statz has joined forces with Rachael Bawn to create a summer anthem that not only pays accolade to music itself but also delivers infectious and joyous vibes that are impossible to resist.

The result is the vibrant track “Melody,” a fusion of pop, funk, and hip-hop elements that showcases the duo’s remarkable synergy and individual talents.

Ty Statz has played notable gigs and shared the stage with renowned artists like Chris Brown and Gucci Mane during their respective tours.

They even made his presence felt at events as prominent as SXSW and Thsis50, gaining recognition and accolades for his enthralling performances.

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Ty Statz started out as a battle rapper before switching to ghostwriting and recording.

He later earned the nickname “The Hitmaker” after perfecting the ability of writing catchy lyrics and inventive hooks. Statz is skilled in studio engineering, graphic design, and video editing.

He co-founded Chillz Entertainment, reviving creativity and quality music. Previously known as the “Punchline King,” he established S.O.N.S in 2007 and 2008 with three other combat rappers.

By demonstrating their fighting skills on, live fights, grindtime, and slap dvds, the gang had a significant impact on the battlefield.

Statz has stuck with the group and has a greater interest in songwriting than in battle rapping. He has hosted, participated in video shoots, interviews, and guest starred in a number of events.

His song “Melody” is an auditory delight that immediately move listeners to a realm where glossy guitar licks intertwine with dreamy keys and a smooth bassline.

This instrumental tapestry provides the perfect canvas for Ty Statz’s dynamic flow and Rachael Bawn’s angelic vocals to shine. Their collaborative effort results in an upbeat and feel-good sound that embodies the essence of summer.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, and Flo Rida, Ty Statz and Rachael Bawn seamlessly blend their distinct styles to create a track that is both familiar and refreshingly unique.

The song’s catchy hooks and engaging melodies make it an ideal addition to playlists dedicated to mood-boosting tunes and the latest releases.

The track was produced in the creative cocoon of Obia Studios, with Big Bad Beats handling production and Hitmakerz taking the reins on engineering. The finishing touches of mixing and mastering were executed at Gat 3 Studios, ensuring a top-notch sonic experience for listeners.

“Melody” is an embodiment of the artists’ ethos and influences. The clash of pop and hip-hop, coupled with the blend of male and female vocals, results in a hit record.

The track’s vibrant energy and undeniable charisma make it a must-add to summer playlists.

Listen below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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