Cyril Guiraud: Uncovering the Individual and Dynamic Soundscapes of “Itch Ultra”


Cyril Guiraud, a French saxophonist, producer, and composer, has encapsulated his artistic path in the music with his most recent album, “Itch Ultra.”

Cyril is a talented musician who lives in the energetic city of San Francisco. He is also the co-founder of the record label doubleOone and the music collaboration website everwave.

Cyril Guiraud has worked with a who’s who of musical greats throughout his remarkable career, including Michel Petrucciani, Kenny Garrett, Mike Stern, George Clinton, and many more.

His skill and virtuosity are evident in his work as he deftly combines numerous inspirations to produce a singular and alluring sound.

Cyril started a solo project while he was in confinement, putting his ingenuity and musical talent to use in a very intimate artistic venture.

Cyril used anything he could find to create the captivating album “Itch Ultra,” employing his saxophones, flute, bass clarinet, caxixi, and other instruments. He poured his heart and soul into each track while drinking a lot of coffee to fuel his desire.

A soundtrack without a movie is represented by the album’s 20 sonic exploration tracks. Each song in “Itch Ultra” is an expression of Cyril’s deepest feelings and thoughts, sending listeners on a tour through his musical cosmos.

The album demonstrates Cyril’s talent in writing and crafting enthralling soundtracks with a rich blend of live ableton, piano, and diverse instruments.

Cyril Guiraud’s distinctive experiences and viewpoint are reflected throughout the record, giving it a particular touch.

He solicited the help of some gifted friends to add layers of sweetness to several tracks as he got into the making process. The musical tapestry was further enhanced by Guillaume Farley’s bass, Vincent de Jesus’ percussion, Ian’s additional synths on “Foreign Cinema,” and Nino Moschella’s drums.

The artist’s journey did not finish there; Cyril took the recordings to Nino’s studio for careful mixing before sending the music to analog Studer tape to give it a more warm and natural feel.

The album’s sound excellence was ensured by the addition of the finishing touches by renowned LA-based mastering engineer John Greenham.

The song “Itch Ultra” exemplifies Cyril Guiraud’s commitment to his profession and unwavering pursuit of artistic expression.

The album invites listeners to immerse themselves in the powerful emotions expressed through sound. It is a private and intimate collection of musical stories.

“Itch Ultra” aims to attract and enchant music enthusiasts from all walks of life with its energetic and complex songs. Cyril Guiraud’s skill and dedication as a musician are evident in his ability to create such a varied and moving album.

As listeners immerse themselves in the universe of “Itch Ultra,” they will find a unique soundtrack that speaks to the human experience on a profound level.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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