Know More About Nigerian Multitalented Artist Rhagettia


Rhagettia, who was born Uzoma Philips in Nigeria and is also known by the name Lawave, is a multitalented artist that stands out in the music world.

Rhagettia is a notable recording artist, composer, and record producer who has roots in the southeastern area of Nigeria. Before making his official debut in the music industry in 2015, he spent years perfecting his skill and writing songs in the shadows. His journey through music began many years ago.

Rhagettia’s career is comprised of several important hits, beginning with his first tune “Ma Name” and continuing with “Jaiye” in the year 2015. However, it was his first major song, “Kolobawa,” that won over the hearts of his followers.

His musical skill was further demonstrated with tracks such as “Overload” and “Invest,” both of which blended a variety of musical styles while still retaining his signature style, which is distinguished by soothing melodies, catchy flows, and unhurried lyrical content.

Rhagettia released his much anticipated debut effort, titled “WAVEBOY,” in 2021. The EP consisted of five tracks and was released as a digital download. The publication of this album represented a crucial turning point in his career, with standout singles like “Monica,” “Let U Go,” and “Whine” earning accolades all around the world. Rhagettia continues to increase his presence on the global stage as a result of the excellent musical quality of his work and the dedication he has shown to his profession.

As a result, he has garnered the respect and admiration of music lovers all around the world. His ability to effortlessly collaborate with other musicians and producers, both locally and globally, exemplifies the breadth of his musical talents and the ongoing impact he has had on the many music communities.

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